Motocross Safety

  • Motorcycle Safety Tips – You do not want to be a dead motocross champion? Take time to read this site to avoid risk and danger involved in your favorite sport.
  • Motocross Protective Guide – Before a motocross ride, drivers need to be sure that they have all the right protective equipment. It would also do well for them to think about insurance.

Major Competitions

  • FIM Motocross World Championship – Is often held in Europe and other parts of the globe. You will find in this site all information about this type of competition.
  • FIM International – In 2004 the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (International Motorcycling Federation) celebrated its Centenary. Learn more about this group in this site.
  • AMA Motocross Championship – This link contains all interesting information about this type of championship.
  • Motocross des Nations – Called Motocross of Nations, it is usually held year-end when National and World Championship series have terminated. Take a front seat and enjoy watching these videos of the Motocross des Nations.
  • The British Motocross Championship – Do you know what is happening in Motocross UK? This site will give you the latest news about this group.
  • PDF AMA Motocross Racing Rules – The American Association (AMA) is the highest sanctioning body for motorcycle competition. It gives comprehensive and definite set of rules and guidelines for members.

Sports derived from Motocross

  • Freestyle Motocross (FMX) – This sport is not actually on racing rather on performing acrobatic stunts while jumping motocross bikes. This link shows more about FMX.
  • Supermoto Central – This is a motocross bike raced on off-road and tracks consisting of both dirt and road. You will have information about Supermoto in this link.
  • Quad Motocross – The United States and the United Kingdom have many quad racing clubs with enduro and quadcross. View some interesting images of Quad Motocross.
  • Supercross – This is a specialized high performance off-road motorcycles racing done on artificially-made dirt tracks made up of steep jumps and obstacles. Follow the history of Supercross in this link.
  • Sidecar-cross racing – Also called sidecar motocross; it is very similar to regular one- person rider but with a different type of motorcycle chassis. There are two people riding together instead of one, a driver and a passenger.
  • Mini-motocross – Small motorbikes are used in the power sports events. Watch the small motorbikes in action and read this article about mini-motocross.


  • All about BMX – Bicycle motocross or BMX is a sport in which the main objective is to race the bicycles using motocross using style on tracks with marked-up start and containing obstacles or it can also refer to a bike designed for traveling dirty roads and motocross racing. This link will provide all the information about BMX.
  • BMX Racing Basics – Follow the evolution of the BMX as part of the motocross competition.
  • Union Cyclist Internationale – BMX is part of this organization. This site has all the news about BMX.
  • BMX Plus – BMX fans can read from this magazine everything related to BMX.
  • BMX Videos – Watch for your favorite BMX riders in this website.

Famous Motocross Riders

  • Travis Alan Pastrana -He was champion in many races and received countless X Games medals in many events in supercross, motocross, freestyle motocross and rally racing. This bio tells all.
  • Carey Hart – Carey is a champion in freestyle motocross motorcycle events and off-road races. He also invented a freestyle motocross trick called Hart Attack. Learn more about him on this site.
  • Mike Metzger – He was the first rider who attempted a complete backflip in the fountain of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Be curious and read his biography.
  • Jeremy McGrath – He is often referred to as Showtime or The King or the King of Supercross. Know more about him anddecide is he deserves these titles.

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