Husqvarna Road Bikes

Husqvarna started producing motorcycles all the way back in 1903 and have not stopped production ever
since. Over the course of there 110 years in production Husqvarna have learned a lot about the industry
and now produce some of the most desirable Motorbikes on the market. Husqvarna have recently returned
with a bang in the road bike community with the Husqvarna 701 Enduro/Supermoto bike. The 701
Enduro/Supermoto has paved the way for the future of Husqvarna and there rode bikes in particular,
recently they have released 2 new lines of road motorbikes, the Vitpilen and the Svartpilen. Both the
Vitpilen and Svartpilen are available in 401 which is a 375cc single cylinder, 6-speed gearbox that boasts
37Nm of torque and 44HP and is perfect for any A2 licensed riders. Soon they will also be available in
701 which is a 692.7cc single cylinder, 6-speed engine, however the 701 provides a little more power at
72Nm of torque and 75HP.

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