Motocross helmets have come along way in the last 40 years they have got lighter, more comfortable and
safer. Starting with lighter Bell helmets, Fox helmets V1, V2, V3, Shift helmets, Aria helmets have all
made lighter shells using carbon fibre or composite materials. Also, different shell sizes so three shell
sizes across XS to XL this also saves weight.
Comfort on a Bell helmet or Fox helmet or Husqvarna helmets have improved over the years with firmer
removable linings all sized from XS to XL. With a rowling finish to absorb sweat, the removable linings
can be put in washing machines after a race meeting. Also on the Fox V3 Helmets have a new magnetic
peak to detach on impact. Saftey is paramount so in bell helmets and fox helmets there is a new safer
lining called MIPS that typically comes on the top of the line Fox or Bell helmets. Bell helmets have
brought in MIPS across the off road helmet range to improve helmet sales so you can have MIPS in your
helmet if your spending £150 or £400.

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