Yamaha Motocross Bikes

With 20 Motocross Championship wins under their belt Yamaha are at the top of their game when it comes to making top class Motocross Bikes. From the PW50 to the YZ450F the quality of Yamaha Motocross bikes is superb. Whether you’re looking for a childs first bike or a race ready motocross bike Yamaha offer it all. Yamaha is one of the only manufacturer to still produce a 250 2 stroke bike, the yz250 which is very popular with 2 stroke die hards, the bike is very competitive even against the yz450f 4 stroke. Yamaha are leading the way in the technology stakes with the reverse cylinder technology, tilted engine that centralises the mass weight of the bike creating a lighter feel and superb handling, also not to mention the ability to remap the bike from an app on your iPhone. After a few years out of the junior classes they are now launching the all new Yamaha YZ65 to compete against its European competition. Yamahas current Motocross line up is the YZ65, YZ125, YZ250, YZ250F and the YZ450F.

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